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Thanks to a picture of the Gargano Peninsula found by accident on the internet, I spent almost two weeks in Puglia in September 2007. I made a side trip to a UNESCO world heritage site Matera, on the Basilicata border. Its surreal beauty (of homes originally dug out of caves) was well worth the detour. I started in the Baroque city of Lecce where I studied Italian, played tourist and had some fabulous food. I then moved on to Ostuni, "La Citta Bianca" (The White City). There I spent 4 nights in a wonderful apartment overlooking both the historical center pictured in the image below, but also the Adriatic where I could have my breakfast and watch the sun rise. (Yes, I am a real morning person.)


Leche Interior

Lecce Interior

Ostuni The White City

Ostuni, The White City

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